1 Month Postpartum Update

My little Mila moo has been in my life a whole month and what a month it’s been!  It’s passed by in a flash but at the same time, I feel like she has been in my life forever.  I thought I’d give you all a little update as to what we’ve been up to, how she is getting on and how my recovery is going.

I have started to express a little to see if she will take a bottle in case I need to be somewhere.  I use the Lansinoh double electric breast pump and I manage to express roughly 4-8oz each time.  She is taking the bottle fine and I’ve been using the Lansioh bottles that came with the pump so I will need to stock up on more!  She has breastfed brilliantly from day one so long may it continue!


She is gradually getting herself in to a bit of a routine.  I am feeding on demand – when she cries for a feed to starts mouthing – but she has started feeding and sleeping roughly the same times in the evening (I have not really taken notice when she feeding during the day).  She typically goes down around 11pm-12pm and will wake up for feeds somewhere around 3.30am-5am and will usually get up for the day around 7.30am-8am.  So I’m waking up once a night which is great.  Sometimes she will feed and feed for up to an hour and a half and other nights she will have a quick munch and go straight back to sleep – it’s pot luck.  I’m noticing she is starting to go longer between feeds which is great.  I’m going to start trying to get her in to a routine in the next few weeks but I’m happy to take her lead for the time being.

The health visitor has been weighing Mila at each visit.  Initially, she had dropped from her birth weight of 11 13 1/2oz to 9lbs 2oz.  She then jumped up to 10lbs 1oz on her 1 month visit.  Yesterday, at 1 day shy of 5 weeks, she was a huge 10lbs 15oz!  The health visitor asked if I was feeding her steaks so I assume that she’s getting plenty of milk… haha!

She is such a strong baby!  She started lifting her head within the first few days but she can now lift her head high off the ground and keep it up for a few minutes.  I’m amazed by how well she is coming on.  I even see a difference in her face.  Her eyes are so bright and alert.  My clever little cookie.


We have been lucky enough to have had some sun (or at least some dry days) which can be quite rare during the summer in the north-east of Scotland!  I’m feeling pretty much back to normal now so I’ve been out with the pram most days – letting Mila get some fresh air while I work on toning up and getting fitter again.  I’ve missed exercise so much!   During my pregnancy I done lots of yoga and some walking but I couldn’t go far by the end as my pelvis was so painful.  It feels so good to get my heart pumping again and I’ve been adding in lots of hill climbs with the pram so I can really work up a sweat.

The scar is healing beautifully.  I’ve started using silicon gel to help it fade quicker and it seems to be working but I’m not too fussed as the scar is below my pantie line so you’d never see it – even if I was in a bikini on holiday so I’m really happy about that.

I had lots of people telling my before I had her that having kids is the hardest job in the world but from day one, Mila has been a dream.  I count my blessings every day and I know how lucky I am to have her.  I’m happy to wake up at any time of the night when I have this face to wake up to.  I really feel like I was meant to be a mummy as she is bringing me more happiness that I ever imagined.  These really are the golden years.

Meghan x


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