1 Week Postpartum Update

My baby is a whole week old!  This week has been the best and quickest of my life.  Each day I fall more and more in love with my little pumpkin.  She has been an absolute dream and I feel so lucky to be her mummy.  This is definitely the best thing I’ve done in my life.  I just love being a mummy!  I am writing this on 7th June (her 1 week birthday) but I’ll post it after I’ve posted my labour & delivery story so you have a good idea about how my recovery is going.


I’m breastfeeding and feel like I’ve cracked it already.  I spent about four hours in recovery where a student midwife (who is amazing at her job!) spent the time showing me how to latch on and hand express.  I then went up to the post-labour ward at 9pm and Greg was asked to leave at 10.30pm so one midwife spent the whole night with me which was amazing.  I wasn’t mobile following the c-section so she changed Mila when she needed to and handed me her when she needed to be fed.  She also showed me the positions that I could breastfeed in which was amazing.

Around day four was the sorest and the first few sucks were pretty painful but I used Lansinoh lanolin cream which seemed to have helped.  One week on and I feel that I’ve come through the other end as my milk is through and my nipples are no longer sore – yippee!!!  She latches on straight away and feeds every 2-4 hours.  As she has a touch of jaundice the midwife has said to feed her every four hours but she usually wakes up for a feed herself before then.  I’m feeding on demand so I’m letting her tell me when she’s hungry.  This is really easy as the only time she cries is when she needs a feed and she starts going with her mouth or headbutts the arm/chest of whoever is holding her.


She got a bath in the hospital the day after she was born and we have also given her one at home ourselves and are thinking about giving her another one again tonight.  Her cord is still attached so I’m trying not to get it wet.  She is also giving us plenty of wet and dirty nappies and they have changed from the black/dark green meconium to yellow poo (sorry if you’re eating while reading this!).


The midwife came out the day after we got home (day two) and also day five.  On day five she was weighed and got the heel prick test.  She dropped from 9lbs 11 3/4oz to 9lbs 2oz (6%) which the midwife says is fine.  Because she hasn’t dropped too much and is giving us plenty of dirty nappies it shows she is getting everything she needs from me which makes me so happy as it’s hard to tell how much she’s getting when you’re breastfeeding.  I wasn’t worried though as she is constantly feeding and has been cluster feeding over the past 24 hours so she’s a hungry baba!

My appetite has increased since having Mila as I’m breastfeeding but I have lost 20lbs so far so I’m now lighter than I was pre-pregnancy.  Most of that would have come from Mila, the placenta and amniotic fluid.  I’m back in my size 10 jeans which I’m so chuffed about!  I wasn’t worried about the baby weight anyway as all my focus is on my princess but it’s a nice boost anyway.


The bleeding has almost stopped but I lost quite a bit of blood during the c-section (1,350ml) so this is possibly why.  I’m feeling absolutely amazing anyway!  I actually feel better than I did pregnant and I thought I felt great then.  The scar is slightly tender but I’m on diclofenac and paracetamol.  I keep forgetting to take it though as the pain isn’t bad at all.  I’m taking it easy though and I not rushing or lifting anything too heavy as I want to heal as quick as possible.  I’m chuffed with my scar though.  It’s below the bikini line so you can’t even see it.  I’ll be slathering on the bio oil once it’s heeled a bit more to help it fade as much as possible.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

I’m going to remember this week for the rest of my life.  It’s the week everything changed and I’ve started looking at my life in a different light.  This baby has brought us so much happiness and I just want to give her the best life I can.  It’s so soppy but Mila and Greg are my whole world and make me the happiest girl ever!

Meghan xx


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