Meet My Baby

Sorry for the lack of posts over the past week or so but I have the best excuse ever.  All of my dreams came true on Wednesday 31st May at 15.42pm when my little Mila Kirsteen came in to the world.  I cannot even begin to tell you how I feel.  I am literally in my own bubble right now and bursting for love for this little one and my husband!  I will never be able to top this week that’s for sure!  There really is no feeling like it.

We decided to call her Mila as we wanted to choose a name that was Spanish or had some connection to Spain as she was made in Spain and it is a special place to us as we used to live there and my parents also have a place out there.  When we heard the name we fell in love – we don’t know any Mila’s and it’s a really unusual name where we stay.  When we researched the meaning we found that it’s short for the word milagro, which means miracle in Spanish.  We knew this was the perfect choice of name for our little Spanish miracle!  We decided to name her middle name after the other most important girl in my life – my mum.


We didn’t know we were having a girl and almost everyone we spoke to thought we were having a boy as I was carrying all in my tummy.  It’s been my dream since I was young to have my own little girl so this was the best surprise I’ve had in my life (of course a little boy would make our family too!).  We were so happy that we decided to keep the sex a surprise as we were tempted to find out throughout the pregnancy.  The feeling you get when you finally find out is magical.

She was a big baby weighing 9lbs 11 3/4oz.  They told me in the scans that she was going to be a big baby but I did not expect her to be this big!  She is quite tall though at 55cm so I think that’s part of the reason why.  I now weigh less than I did before I got pregnant as I have lost 17lbs so far since having her so it goes to show she was getting everything she needed from me while I was pregnant.

My delivery wasn’t what I expected at all but I will write up a blog post and film a video on my YouTube channel to tell you all about it so make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you know when I post the video.

I’m off to go and enjoy some snuggles with my cutie pie.  I really am the luckiest girl in the world to have her in my life!

Meghan xx




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