Foodie Friday | 39 Weeks Pregnant

Well I am 5 days away from my due date so I could literally go in to labour at any second eek!!! The thought of knowing that I’m going to meet my cute little bundle very soon makes me quite emotional to say the least.  Anyway, here is what I ate in a day at 39 weeks pregnant..

what-i-eat-in-a-day-39-weeks-pregnant-pregnancy-dietFor breakfast I had 40g Flahavan’s porridge oats topped with two dates, goji berries and a sprinkling of chia seeds.  I had a big glass of water with this, along with Clipper organic raspberry leaf tea to tone that uterus!

what-i-eat-in-a-day-39-weeks-pregnant-pregnancy-dietAs it was such a miserable day, I felt like some comfort food for my lunch.  Today I topped my Hovis wheatgerm toast with Meridian coconut & peanut butter with a chopped up banana.  I love nut butters and don’t really mind which nut butter it is but I always try to choose a healthier one if I can.  I had my Pregnacare Max prenatal vitamins on the side with a glass of ice cold water.

what-i-eat-in-a-day-39-weeks-pregnant-pregnancy-dietI absolutely love a stirfry for dinner!  They are tasty, quick and easy to make and nice and healthy so it ticks all the boxes!  I’m not much of a chef so I’m happy if I can chuck everything in a pan and be done with it.  I cooked up some chicken in some rapeseed oil, added in a bag of stirfry veg, hoisin sauce and wholewheat noodles and Bob’s your uncle!  Delicious!

what-i-ate-in-a-day-39-weeks-pregnant-pregnancy-dietI often have a sweet tooth in the evenings so for a little treat I had one of these limited edition birthday cake Fab ice lollies!  I spied them when I was doing a shop in Tesco and had to have them – I love a Fab (or any other ice lolly in fact!).

Well I hope you have enjoyed my Foodie Friday!  I had lots of water throughout the day as always but I didn’t bother including it as I don’t want to bore you all.  I could possibly be breastfeeding by the next one so be prepared for more food as I hear you feel extra hungry when you have to feed your baby too.  Let’s wait and see..

Meghan xx


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