How To Grow Long, Healthy Coloured Hair

I have always wanted to have long, thick, healthy hair but being someone who loves to be blonde, I’ve never managed to achieve this.  I started colouring my hair when I was around 14/15 years old, so fast-forward 10 years, my hair was looking damaged, thinned-out and tired.  I have tried thickening out my hair with expensive hair extensions, which completely done the opposite once they were taken out.  I am also a fan of my GHD hairdryer and straightners which we all know does nothing to keep our hair in good condition.

I thought my dream of growing my hair out while keeping it in good condition was too good to be true for me, as long as I kept up my every-6-weeks bleaching sessions.

That’s until I discovered Olaplex in August of last year.

When you colour, perm or use thermal tools on your hair, you damage the bonds which causes breakage.  Olaplex is a 3-step process which works to prevent and repair broken bonds (puts them back together).  Less breakage = thicker, stronger hair.  In the space of 9 months, I have managed to grow out my hair while keeping the thickness throughout.  Olaplex is literally the best hair treatment I have ever come across.


The 3-step treatment (handily named ‘step 1/2/3’ on the bottles) is used before, during and after a colouring treatment.

Step 1 is added to the peroxide to prevent breakage that may occur during the colouring process.

Once the bleach is washed out of your hair, Step 2 is applied and combed through your hair.  This repairs bonds without having the peroxide working against it.  My hairdresser wet cuts my hair when Step 2 is applied and by the time he has finished, it is time to wash it out.

Finally, you carry out Step 3 at home which protects your hair from any damage that may be caused through brushing your hair or using hot tools.  Step 3 is a hair mask that you can use once or twice a week and leave on for 10-30 minutes.  Kim Kardashian has claimed that she leaves step 3 on overnight but there is really no need.  After the 30 minutes is up, it has done it’s job.


My haircare routine is pretty simple.  I wash my hair every second day, unless I can get away with waiting an extra day.  I don’t like to use dry shampoo in my hair as I don’t think it’s that great for it but if I know I’m not doing anything on the day my hair needs to be washed, I’ll stick it in a messy bun at the top of my head and leave it until the next morning.

I shampoo my hair using a 1:1 mix of Lee Stafford Bleach Blonde shampoo – a toner shampoo to keep my hair bright blonde – and any other nourishing shampoo that I fancy trying.  I’m currently using TIGI Bed Head Colour Goddess oil infused shampoo.  I tend to apply shampoo to the roots only.

Once a week, I’ll apply Olaplex Step 3.  On any other hair-washing day, I’ll apply a conditioning mask.  I have been using TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes Resurrection Mask and Percy and Reed Totally TLC Hydrating Mask.   I know this can be time consuming so a tip I have if you don’t have time to wait for a mask to soak in is to use an oil in your hair and leave it overnight before washing it out the next day.  You can use any type of oil but I tend to stick with coconut oil or pure argan oil.  Olaplex is not a conditioning/hydrating treatment so I like to use something to give me shine.

As I apply a hair mask, I tend not to need to use a conditioner.  If I feel like my hair does need a little then I’ll use it.  I am currently using Mane ‘n Tale Original conditioner.

I try my best not to use anything hot on my hair if I can avoid it.  For the passed few months, I’ve been blow-drying my hair with a large ceramic barrel brush instead of rough-drying and straightening.  I’m often quite busy though and need to be quick so I can’t avoid not using my straighteners all of the time.  I always make sure to use plenty of heat protection spray before using the hair dryer, straighteners or curling iron.  My favourite is L’Oreal Elnett Heat Protection Volume Hairspray as it also helps to hold my hairstyle all day.

If I do have time to blow dry my hair, I also use a blow dry lotion.  I love TIGI Bed Head Small Talk and would use this even if it didn’t do anything to my hair as the smell is unreal!  TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen for a Day thickening and volumising spray is also great to use in your roots (sparingly!) to give you a bit more lift.

If you abuse your hair like I do with bleach and hot tools then I couldn’t recommend finding a salon that offer Olaplex enough!  It is money well spent in my opinion as my hair is a big factor on how I feel about myself.  I know my hair is nothing to shout home about but this is the best condition it has ever been in and the only thing I have changed is using Olaplex.  Please let me know your tips for growing long, healthy hair as I’m all about the big, bouncy locks right now!

Meghan xx


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