How To Love Your Pregnancy

I can’t believe that my baby is due next week!  The past nine months have flew in and I’m so glad I kept a journal from the first trimester so I can look back and remember how much I’ve loved being pregnant.  I’ve had messages from other mums and mamas-to-be saying that it’s nice seeing someone have such a positive pregnancy so I thought I’d share some of the things that I’ve enjoyed about it.  This is such a special time in your life and I hate to think that so many people wish this time away.

It’s important to be grateful about the situation that you are in.  I know it’s hard to appreciate being pregnant with your head stuck down the toilet but please remember that there is a very good reason for this!  I sadly miscarried my first baby last year and going through something like that really makes you look at things differently.  I can remember saying to my mum that I didn’t feel any different which, I now know, is not a good sign.  When I first felt sick during this pregnancy, I was delighted.  It’s a sign that things are going well.


Enjoy each and every milestone you hit during pregnancy and try to enjoy the ‘now’, rather than thinking of what’s coming next.  The first trimester can be a worrying time until you have had your 12 week scan.  Try your best to be excited though and perhaps plan a really fun pregnancy announcement to take your mind off the few weeks that you have to keep your happy news quiet while feeling a bit rubbish.  Also, don’t feel guilty about chilling out and taking it easy in the first few weeks.  My husband was amazing as making me dinner every night after work as I struggled loads with tiredness.  Get in to your comfies, stick on a funny film and make the most of doing nothing.

If you are focused on the negatives that come along with pregnancy, such as symptoms, then your pregnancy really is going to drag.  I think your mindset really determines the experience that you have.  You have to accept that some things are out of your control but if you have a positive outlook then the chances are you are going to have a better experience than you would have if you were moaning about things that you can’t change.  Focus on what’s happening and what’s coming next.  There are so many exciting milestones in such a short space of time.  Here are my favourite milestones during pregnancy:

  • Discovering the ‘positive’ on the pregnancy test
  • Telling your partner the happy news
  • First prenatal visit with your midwife
  • First cravings
  • 12 week scan
  • Ending the first trimester
  • Pregnancy announcement
  • Tummy starting to pop
  • Buying maternity clothes
  • Those first flutters
  • Finding out the gender (if you want to)
  • Starting the third and final trimester
  • Antenatal classes
  • Choosing a name


Naturally, I am a very busy person and I am always on the go.  I think this is also a huge reason why I feel like my pregnancy has gone passed so quickly.  Since going on maternity leave, I have put my house on the market, managing the build on my new house and I have launched this blog and my YouTube channel.  I know there won’t be much of you that is in the same situation as me but there is something that you could be doing to take up your time.  Maternity leave doesn’t have to mean you have to sit on the sofa all day watching This Morning and Keeping Up with the Kardashians reruns while waiting for your baby to make an appearance.

Since the beginning of my second pregnancy, I’ve enjoyed going to pregnancy yoga and if I’m not in class, I’ll often practice on my own.  I have also used my pregnancy to meet other pregnant ladies and a great way to meet people is at an antenatal class.  There was 16 girls in my class and we still meet up every week for a coffee and a yap.  We made up a WhatsApp group which has been a lovely way for us to keep in touch, update everyone on any baby news and ask any advice that your non-mummy friends won’t have a clue about (or will probably get bored of you speaking about).

If you have a full diary then you won’t have any time to think about the weeks ‘dragging’ and baby will be here before you know it!


Finally, it is important to look after yourself during pregnancy.  I have been lucky that I haven’t had much pregnancy cravings, other than fruit and slushes.  I think my mothers instinct must have kicked in early on as I’ve been careful about what I’m eating and trying to choose healthy options when I can.  Someone said to me recently that they feel sluggish and huge and can’t wait to feel back to normal once the baby’s born.  What she also told me was that she had been stuffing her face and done no exercise.  I think anyone would feel horrible in their body if they were doing this, pregnant or not.  I’m not saying that you need to eat salads every day but try not to use pregnancy as an excuse to do no exercise and binge eat.


I’ve had a few niggles in the bottom of my back due my ligaments softening up and having to carry the weight of the baby.  I’ve made sure to treat myself to quite a few pregnancy massages throughout my pregnancy and this has really helped.  I know they can be quite expensive but I definitely recommend treating yourself to one or two at the end or your pregnancy.  Your body is doing the biggest job it ever will so don’t feel guilty about making yourself feel better 😉

Well I really hope you have the best pregnancy ever.  Make sure you take lots of photo’s throughout to look back on too.  You never get this time back and lots of mums tell me they miss their bumps so enjoy all of the wriggles and pokes while you can.  Also remember that your baby will be here for the rest of your life but your bump won’t so treasure the time with just you and your bump before you have to share him/her with the world.

Meghan xx


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