Foodie Friday | 38 Weeks Pregnant

I love watching ‘what I eat in a day’ vlogs on YouTube so I thought I’d start Foodie Friday!  I’ll share with you what I eat in an entire day.  It’s always nice to get some inspiration from other people as I always get bored eating the same thing (although my breakfasts always seem to be quite similar!).  So here is what I ate at 38 weeks pregnant..


This is a very typical breakfast for me!  I have 40g of Flahavan’s porridge oats made up with water only.  I’ve used three chopped-up dates, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds as my toppings.  I love having dates in my porridge as it sweetens it up and gives it more flavour as I do have a bit of a sweet tooth.  I have a glass of water on the side and a cup raspberry leaf tea.  My midwife said this will help tone my uterus so it’s worth a try and it doesn’t taste too bad at all.


For lunch I have smashed avocado on toast made with a splash of lemon juice and a sprinkle of pink Himalayan salt.  I top it with baby plum tomatoes that are so juicy, I just love them.  This is something I’ll often have for breakfast too if I’m not in the mood for porridge.  I’m quite hungry today so I have a banana to keep me going.

I also have my Pregnacare Max and two raspberry leaf tablets as it’s always good to top up on vitamins that I might be missing out on.  I’ve had no health problems throughout my pregnancy and I’ve even dodged water retention so far (touch wood) and I’m sure my prenatals must have something to do with it.  I have more water but I’ve been drinking loads all morning.  I try to drink plenty between meals but sometimes it can be difficult to remember when you’re on the go!


Greg’s away working right now so I often will cook double portions as it saves me being a saddo cooking dinner-for-one two nights in a row.. 😉  Tonight I’m having these grilled Mor Mediterranean chicken chipolatas with ready-made mash (how lazy am I!), frozen peas and more baby plum tomatoes.  I’ve cooked up all of the sausages and will use them tomorrow night when my mum comes round for tea in a pasta dish or with the rest of the mash that I didn’t use.  These sausages are delicious and healthy so I’ll definitely be buying them again to pop on the barbecue this summer!


I’m getting a little hungry again at about 8pm so for a little snack I’m having natural yogurt and blackberries.  I can’t get enough of blackberries at the moment.  I love anything juicy anyway but blackberries is definitely a huge craving I’ve had.  It could be a lot worse so I’m chuffed!  This snack does the trick to curb my sweet tooth and will keep me going until breakfast time in the morning.

I’ve noticed I haven’t really mentioned drinks but that’s because I’ve just been drinking lots of water throughout the day so I thought it would be a little boring to keep mentioning it.  Too bad I can’t have a cheeky Prosecco to make it a little more exciting..

I hope you have enjoyed my first Foodie Friday!  Please tell me what you think and if you’d like my to do another.

Meghan xx


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