Baby Names That I Love

Choosing a name for your is probably one of the trickiest and most important decisions you will ever make.  Being so indecisive, we have went back and forward with names for months and now have a couple of different names in mind!  But here are my top 10 baby names that I love but won’t be using.  Please don’t take offence that I’m not using any of these names as I think they are all stunning!

Girls Names

Milania – I love Mediterranean sounding names and this is probably my favourite girls names but Greg doesn’t like it so it’s in the ‘no’ list.

Brooklyn – Brooke was always going to be my baby girls name when I was younger but I think it’s one of those names that I’ve heard time and time again.  Brooklyn is slightly different though and I don’t know any Brooklyn’s in my area.

Aria – We both heard and fell in love  with this name when we went to Las Vegas a few years back but, since then, I feel like it’s starting to get really popular.

Lola – How cute is this name?!  I also like Lily.  Lola is one of my mum’s friends nicknames though so it’s already been taken and I already know a couple of Lily’s.

Harper – It’s another one of those names that is getting quite popular but I think it’s such a cool name.  Also, does Harper Hutcheon sound right…?  Greg doesn’t think so anyway so we won’t be using it.

Boys Names

Hudson – I LOVE this name! But our surname is Hutcheon..  If I had a different surname then this one would definitely be a top contender.

Brody – I know a doggie called Brody so unfortunately I can’t really choose this one. Although dogs are called anything these days.

Carter – Being from Aberdeenshire where people don’t pronounce their ‘T’s’, I don’t think it will sound quite right.  It’s a shame though as I really like this name.

Frankie – Frankie is a cute name but Greg is not keen and we both need to love the name that we choose at the end of the day.

Gino – OMG!  This has to be one of my all-time favourite names!  But I am from Scotland and this name screams Italian to be so a fair-skinned boy running around Aberdeenshire with the name Gino is maybe a bit silly.  If only we were a bit more exotic..

I felt it’s harder coming up with boys names than it was girls names.  We think that we have finally settled on a  boys name though and definitely have a couple of girls names in mind.  I like names that aren’t popular in the area I live so if I’ve heard it once of twice already then it puts me completely off.

Please let me know the names that you love to give me some more inspiration!  My baby isn’t due for another couple of weeks so I still have time to change my mind.. 😉

Meghan xx



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