My Pregnancy

I am approaching 36 weeks pregnant (eek!) so instead of doing ‘bump updates’, I thought I’d give you a general summary of my pregnancy so far.  I’ll let you know what my experience has been like as I know everyone handles pregnancy differently and some ladies are luckier than others when it comes to symptoms etc.  Luckily, I’ve kept a pregnancy journal throughout so hopefully I won’t miss anything out..

I found out I was pregnant quite early at around 4-5 weeks as our baby was planned so you can imagine my reaction when the Clearblue test revealed ‘pregnant’.  Chuffed is not the word!

My first trimester went pretty smoothly.  Apart from the agonising wait until your first scan to find out if your baby is ok, the trickiest thing about the first trimester is definitely hiding that you are pregnant!  Anyone who knows me will know that I do like a glass of prosecco so I had to be pretty creative to come up with excuses as to why I couldn’t have one (thank you Google!!!).  I was lucky that I didn’t have morning sickness really – I only felt sick if I didn’t eat within the first 5 minutes of wakening up so hiding that wasn’t too much of an issue.

We were quite nervous about the first scan as I’m sure everyone is.  Thankfully, the baby was measuring perfectly and was looking as healthy as it could at that stage.  We wanted to keep the gender a secret as who doesn’t love surprises?!  Finally, we could tell everyone our happy news yaaay!!!  We roped in our wee doggie, Honey the pom, to help with this…


So when I reached the second trimester and our happy news was out there, I wanted to join a pregnancy class to keep fit and healthy throughout and to meet other mummy’s-to-be as my close friends aren’t quite at the baby stage yet.  I’ve done some yoga in the past and when I found out that a friend and yoga teacher was starting her first pregnancy yoga class locally I was so excited!  We later found out she is pregnant too so it’s been amazing that we have all been able to go through our pregnancies together and watch our bumps grow over the last few months.  I’ve met such a lovely group of girls at yoga and I’m sure we will all continue to get together once all of our cuties have arrived!  Baby yoga anyone..??


The second trimester was busy busy with work, Christmas, scans and house building (more excitement ahead for us this year!).  The 20 week scan, again went well and baby was measuring bang on track.  The only issue was that my placenta was marginally low so I had to go back to go back for a scan at 34 weeks to make sure it had shifted out the way so I could have a natural delivery (and it has yippee!).

Even though I knew I would be getting another scan at 34 weeks (the NHS provide a 12 week and 20 week scan usually unless something needs to be checked) we decided to book a 4D scan for fun so we could see what our munchkin looks like.  I’m so glad we did!!  What an amazing experience and I highly recommend Baby Scanning in Aberdeen if any mummies want to see their cuties at around 27 weeks.

Now I’m in to my third trimester, it’s hitting me more that I am going to have a baby very soon!  I finished work at 33 weeks and I really enjoyed my antenatal classes.  I honestly have the nicest group of girls in my class (I think these’s around 16 of us!) so we have been meeting up weekly at a local cafe since the antenatal classes finished.  We have even welcomed the first few tooties in to the group already and my broodiness levels have never been higher!

As I’ve loved my pregnancy so much, I decided to organise a pregnancy photo shoot with local photographer, Christie Johnston.  I’m only going to be pregnant for such a short time in my life so I thought it would be cute to look back on.  This was a little out of my comfort zone but now I’ve seen the photo’s, I’m so so glad I did it!

Maternity Collage.png

Ok, this blog post is looking like it is going to be a long one so to finish off now or we will be here forever!  This has just been a wee sum up of my pregnancy so if you would like me to go in to more detail about anything please let me know in the comments and I will either reply, mention it in another post or in a video on my YouTube channel.

Meghan xx


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